I prayed, “God, show me your way!” It was silent. I rang the bell and called, “God, please show yourself!” It was silent. I ran down the street and screamed, “God, where are you?” It was silent. I beat my chest in tears and cried, “God, answer me!” It was silent. I was so exhausted … More Silence

I Found God

I found God in the Chinese Temple. I found God in the Hindu Temple. I found God in the Buddhist Temple. I found God in the Synagogue. I found God in the Catholic Church. I found God in the Orthodox Church I found God in the Protestant Church I found God in the Mosque. I … More I Found God

Remember You are Dust – an Ash Wednesday Reflection

I feel I need to observe Lent this year so I went to the Ash Wednesday Mass to start my Lent properly. Growing up in a Protestant tradition, I have never developed a habit of observing Lent. Even after I joined the Roman Catholic Church, my lenten observance has never been consistent. But I am … More Remember You are Dust – an Ash Wednesday Reflection

If Salvation is by Grace, why are Christians so Divided

If we are saved by grace through faith (simply by just believing in Jesus and accepting him to be our personal savior) why is having the “correct” and “accurate” interpretation of the Bible so important? That’s the root of why there are so many denominations among the Protestants. In the Protestant church history, at one … More If Salvation is by Grace, why are Christians so Divided

Near Death Experience

I have been listening to a series of near death experiences (NDE) interviews on this youtube channel called Anthony Chene Production After listening to these interviews, I have come to this conclusion that at death, we will discover our understanding of “God”, either Christian, Muslim or Atheist or whatever, are all wrong. “God” is beyond … More Near Death Experience

The Reason why there are Humans on Earth?

Dinosaurs existed on this earth for billions of years but without humans, their existence was unknown. It is us humans who made known their existence thus give meaning to their existence. The beautiful lakes, majestic mountains and breath taking beauty of the oceans on earth would never be appreciated in paintings, poetry and music if … More The Reason why there are Humans on Earth?

How to be Happy

Aristotle believed that the ultimate goal for all humans is happiness and I believe he is right. Everything we decide to do is an attempt to produce happiness. We all seek to have a good life so that we can have happiness. We set our career goals so we can be successful in our careers … More How to be Happy

Believe vs Know

Usually when you believe in a politician is because you have heard what she said and read what she wrote. May be your friends also told you about her and what she stands for. Perhaps you saw her in action on social media or even in person. So you believe in her and will vote … More Believe vs Know

Christians, can You Love like Jesus? When you hear, “God loves you but…” you know you’re in for some disappointing news. You know you are about to get scolded, corrected, disciplined, judged, condemned, marginalized, excluded, or something. And the one saying it is qualifying love. We know it. Christians tend to forget that Judas was one of the 12 who … More Christians, can You Love like Jesus?

Biblical Triggering

A woman says the Bible triggers her since it was used to correct her. A man responds with scriptures. Not only is he insensitive to her feelings, but he only knows how to recite, rinse, repeat with a side of rebuke. Independent thought forbidden! Feelings invalid! (Naked Pastor) I have stopped reading the Bible for … More Biblical Triggering

Loving My Cats

I lost four of my cats in the past four years. They all lived till their ripe old age of 18-20. After my second cat died, I knew it was a matter of time the remaining two old ones would leave me. Therefore, when Dan, my partner, showed me a photo of a little kitten … More Loving My Cats

God and Suffering

Every religious faith and school of spirituality has its own teaching on suffering. Buddhism and Christianity based their foundation of faith on suffering. If there is no suffering, there will be no Buddhism and Christianity. Prince Siddhartha Gautama renounced his life as a prince to become an ascetic in order to look for a way … More God and Suffering

When the Saint met the Sultan – A Spiritual Dialogue

When we hear the word “dialogue”, we may immediately think of two or more people talking with one another. Therefore, interfaith dialogue usually conjures up the image of people from different faiths coming together to have a conversation. While that image is partly correct, interfaith dialogue goes beyond having a conversation among people of different … More When the Saint met the Sultan – A Spiritual Dialogue